Something's going on. Mom's shut all
the other kitties in the garage with no
way out. Only me and Sweetie are in
the house. We all have fresh food,
water and potty boxes at the same
time! She's been sleeping alot lately
and not playing with me in the
garden as usual. Snail says that Mom
hasn't talked to her about the July
garden report either. I hope that
everything's okay and that Mom's
okay. Neighbor Vickie came by and
talked with us for a few minutes.
I let her pet me, but since I haven't
been around her for awhile I was a
little nervous and mostly petted
myself on Mom's legs. Vickie said
something to Mom about if Mom
needed any help, something about
soup. That's strange. We have our
own soup. Mom's been eating alot
of soup lately and rubbing her
tummy, but not in the 'this is good'
way. I have to stop now, talking
about food has made me hungry
and I am also getting alittle scared
about my Mom.


  1. We hope your mom is okay, sounds like she's just not feeling too good right now. Sometimes they just feel a little sick and then get better and it's nothing serious. We bet that's all it is. So try not to worry too much, okay?

    Purrs and hugs for you both,
    The Kitty Krew

  2. That is a little scary. I hope everything is okay!


Mommy says that I should have comments:
But I don't want to be graded. Are
comments like grades, good or bad?