Mom and I made these cards together and I got to choose who to send them to. I wasn't happy to send them to Her dog friends. She said they were also pet friends. I am getting okay a long with Dexter dog. But every now and then when he startles me I need to slap him. I don't always use the sharp points on my paws, but he gets the message.

I put most of this one together by myself,
but Mom had to do the green furry stuff.
I got glue all over my paws.

This one is dumb.

I like this one with the glittery things in the way up high.
Mom calls this starry night. So I got to put on the big star and the funny looking ugly bird.

There was an ugly bird like the one up with me on the other round thing at the bottom. I played with it and it came off. I don't remember eating it.

This one is my bestest of best because I am wearing my Halloween costume for this year.
Aren't I spooky!!!

This was my costume for last year.
I was so hewmilliated.
I look like a girl.
Mom says no, Mau-de-gr-awe
costumes are like this even for boys

Click here to see Mom's Cards



I could not believe my Mom could do this!

I was so happy. I got to be the most special best. And then Mom brought HIM home. It was just me and the girls. Lucy kitty, Sweetie kitty. And he came with his OWN cat-Zoe kitty. She was snotty. He was scary. It took a lot of work for me to train him. I would slash at him and run. Mom wouldn't let him make scary deep inside noises at me. Here's what he looks like.

We are okay now and all sleep with Mom.



Mom is featuring me for my Halloween cards to my pet friends.
This is so very kool! I don't know how she did it, but she's been carrying around that little silver boxy thing that spits out a cone and a flash of light. Then she shows me pictures of what she was pointing at. My mom shows me so much really neat stuff. I know that I am not allowed to stay in the outdoors for a long time now after the light is gone. She calls it Halloween time and black cats like me can be in danger-that scared me so I come right away when she calls Rex-y-y-y. I was on the fence one dark time when she had the silvery thing though. Well, bye for now I smell food.



How do you like my new background?
My old one didn't work anymore so I got a new one.
Mom says that it's too old for me, but it's not-it's new.
She used a word called so-fist-akated
wherever that means, but she says that I can keep
it for now.
Let me know what you think.


I can't believe it! Mom's letting me blog!
I'm still in my room most of the time that I am in the house, but I do get to go outside alot. I am so special to come in. The porch kitties are so jealous.
Mom says that I am a much better kitty since she got a new thing which plugs into the little holes in the wall.
I just want to love on her more. And I don't growl and hiss as much when I'm scared. I'm not so nervous that I need to pee outside of my potty either which Mom says makes her happy. The thing is called Cat Fair a moans, what ever that is, although I haven't heard it moan.
Here's a picture Mom got for me and That's It!

I sure surprised Mom the other evening when she called me from outside. She was late and it had got dark out so I climbed on the roof. Just to be safe you know, from the scary things.
She called and called.
I cried, but it took her a while to look UP,
and there I was.
She got a little step and reached for me, but I was afraid to stretch out to her so after she went back inside, I came down my usual way and she let me in. I sure fooled her!
Well, I gotta go, she went into the food room and I don't want to miss anything. Bye.



I am in the room where I blog with Al, our rat,

but the other cats are gone. I can still lie on the plant place and look out the window, but Mom won't let me leave. I peed on the floor like I do in the table room. Mom got mad at me. I guess that I don't do a very good job of covering it like I should. When she took me over to the floor and made me look at her and talked to me so strongly and then put me in my piney potty box, I knew that I didn't do a good job of covering, so I ran right over and tried to cover better, but it didn't help. Mom then did a strange thing. She got water coming out of her eyes and loved on me. I do go outside when it is in the warm. Our garden is nice. I talk to Spring. When I am really nervous about going out, Mom puts Lucy cat out with me for company. I like that.


I just noticed!!! I have a new blog background. Mom says that it's for the Christmas holidays.I don't know what that means, but I sure like the new look. Mom's says that holidays are special times for telling each other how much we love them. I sure know that Mom loves me and when I need love all I have to do is climb in her lap and she pets and kisses me while I purr and love her back. Every day must be holiday here. Mom helped me put in a really pretty holiday picture here.


I've been out in the bright warmy every day except for a few watery days.
Mom's started something new with me. I am put out to the garage in the light time and brought into the kitty-computer room in the dark time. She doesn't put me down in the rest of the house. I don't really understand. I liked lying on her bed with her and Sweety and Lucy, but I'm not now. I am glad that I am in my room in the dark cold time and not in the garage like the garage kitties. I guess that it's okay, as long as I can love on Mom and blog on the computer. I think maybe that I have been bad. I get confused sometimes. I made poop on the table room carpet and was put into the garage for the dark cold time. I got scared and hated that. A little after that I peed in that same place. I don't understand. When I was little, Blacky cat peed there too. It seem like the grown up Cat thing to do. Now Blacky stays in the garage all the time. Mom put sticky paper over the whole carpet for a long all the bright warm days time, but then the paper came up in one place and I thought that it was okay to pee again. Mom got mad and put funny smelling wet stuff all over. I didn't like it, but it didn't stop me! SOMETIMES IT'S HARD BEING A CAT, even a SPECIAL one.



I saw Mom shaking the dark dusky stuff out of a jar over my two favorite surfaces. I've seen that jar above the big hot box in the same room where she makes her tea in the little white box that makes noise and goes beep when it's finished with her tea.
Sometimes she shakes that stuff from the same jar on her food. I don't know why she would like to eat it, it smells awfal and sure spoils my fun! I am sleeping alot. Outside looks scary with dark way up and air blowing hard down low. It's not where I want to be. I miss the bright and gentle warm, I hope that it comes back. Now that I don't like my favorite surfaces and I get into trouble for chasing the other kitties, there's not alot for me to do. Sometimes I wish that I had a job like Spring. I guess that I was wrong when I thought that my job was to jump on the girls and to clear as many surfaces as I wanted.



Mom allowed me out for awhile today. It's not as much fun as when she goes out too, but I still like it when I get to lie on the porch in the warm. The garden cat, Butch was here, but he doesn't bother me. Lucy laid in the same place as me, or almost. I don't bother her outside, so it's okay. I don't jump on her as much inside as I do Sweety either. She's nastier about it and then it's not so much fun. I've asked Mom if I can post some pictures of my kitty family and she said that I have grown so much to even think of that! Yes, she'll take some pictures for me.
Spring says that the garden is so sad after the frost, but I think that it look fine.
Spring looks a little sad. She's beginning to have little brown spots all over her.
I wonder if Mom knows. Oh well, who cares. I've gotta go now and find something FUN to do. Oh, something's happened I don't really like. A dark dusky something has appeared on my favorite surfaces to play on and clear, you know, knock things off of. Well, I don't like the dusky stuff. I gets in my nose and on my paws and smells funny. I can't tell Mom, she doesn't like it when I get up there anyways.