I've been out in the bright warmy every day except for a few watery days.
Mom's started something new with me. I am put out to the garage in the light time and brought into the kitty-computer room in the dark time. She doesn't put me down in the rest of the house. I don't really understand. I liked lying on her bed with her and Sweety and Lucy, but I'm not now. I am glad that I am in my room in the dark cold time and not in the garage like the garage kitties. I guess that it's okay, as long as I can love on Mom and blog on the computer. I think maybe that I have been bad. I get confused sometimes. I made poop on the table room carpet and was put into the garage for the dark cold time. I got scared and hated that. A little after that I peed in that same place. I don't understand. When I was little, Blacky cat peed there too. It seem like the grown up Cat thing to do. Now Blacky stays in the garage all the time. Mom put sticky paper over the whole carpet for a long all the bright warm days time, but then the paper came up in one place and I thought that it was okay to pee again. Mom got mad and put funny smelling wet stuff all over. I didn't like it, but it didn't stop me! SOMETIMES IT'S HARD BEING A CAT, even a SPECIAL one.

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