I saw Mom shaking the dark dusky stuff out of a jar over my two favorite surfaces. I've seen that jar above the big hot box in the same room where she makes her tea in the little white box that makes noise and goes beep when it's finished with her tea.
Sometimes she shakes that stuff from the same jar on her food. I don't know why she would like to eat it, it smells awfal and sure spoils my fun! I am sleeping alot. Outside looks scary with dark way up and air blowing hard down low. It's not where I want to be. I miss the bright and gentle warm, I hope that it comes back. Now that I don't like my favorite surfaces and I get into trouble for chasing the other kitties, there's not alot for me to do. Sometimes I wish that I had a job like Spring. I guess that I was wrong when I thought that my job was to jump on the girls and to clear as many surfaces as I wanted.

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