Mom allowed me out for awhile today. It's not as much fun as when she goes out too, but I still like it when I get to lie on the porch in the warm. The garden cat, Butch was here, but he doesn't bother me. Lucy laid in the same place as me, or almost. I don't bother her outside, so it's okay. I don't jump on her as much inside as I do Sweety either. She's nastier about it and then it's not so much fun. I've asked Mom if I can post some pictures of my kitty family and she said that I have grown so much to even think of that! Yes, she'll take some pictures for me.
Spring says that the garden is so sad after the frost, but I think that it look fine.
Spring looks a little sad. She's beginning to have little brown spots all over her.
I wonder if Mom knows. Oh well, who cares. I've gotta go now and find something FUN to do. Oh, something's happened I don't really like. A dark dusky something has appeared on my favorite surfaces to play on and clear, you know, knock things off of. Well, I don't like the dusky stuff. I gets in my nose and on my paws and smells funny. I can't tell Mom, she doesn't like it when I get up there anyways.

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