Water came down from the sky today so I didn't get to go out.
The garage smells like something strange came in last night since Mom forgot to close the little flappy opening for the garage cats. I think that something got in because the garbage bag had a hole in it and stinky stuff was pulled out.
I don't really like to go into the garage any more. I hustle out of the kitchen when Mom opens the kitchen door to the garage.
I slept most of the day. There wasn't really anything to do. I did chase Sweety kitty and climb on top of her biting her neck. I don't know why I do that, but I sure like to. She gets so mad when I do it too much. She will hiss and growl at me and run. THATS WHEN THE FUN STARTS, and I chase her all around and jump on her again. When she's had enough and is very upset she jumps by Mom's side on the chair to be saved. Then I know that the game is over. I GOTTA GO! Mom's making tea and when she does, she wads up the little paper bag and tosses it on the floor for me to play with. I hear it crinkling now. WHAT FUN!

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