Mom let me go out into the garden today in the bright and warm.
Bruiser cat, that's what I call our garden cat visitor, was warming his fur on our back porch and I said "Hi" as usual. Only Blacky cat doesn't like him. I think that he is swell. He seems to like me too. There were so many new smells and crawlly flying things to investigate that the bright sky thing was on the other side of the day very quickly. I am very happy in our garden, but I won't go out to the cars go by side. I don't want to meet any scary growlly things. The growlly things on the other side of our fence don't bother me too much since I know that they can not get to me and hurt me. I don't jump at them on the fence like I used to, it makes me too nervous now. Spring, Mom's garden watcher was very busy in the garden today. She says that she is about to publish her watcher report. Boy! can that snail move FAST.

I am going to show to you some of the things I saw today.
Mom won't let me have a camera, so she showed me some pictures and I picked out the ones of crawlly flyings I saw to show you.

The first one I found scratching in the dirt while going potty.
Next one I caught on the fence and played with for awhile until it stopped moving. The other ones I don't mess with because they try and bite me.
I am tired now and want to kneed my blanket and then nap.

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  1. Hi Rexy, You go ahead and kneed baby & take a sweet nap. Your so cute, I could just hug & kiss you. Remember don't bug any insects. Meow, from your garden friends, andy & ana :)


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