I can't believe it! I saw Mom blogging so I
jumped in her lap and here I am! It's been
so long I almost forgot how, but I'm a
SMART cat so it all came back FAST!
Outside is Sooo cold now that my fur hurts.
I mostly stay inside now. I was out late the
other dark out time and a big growlly animal
chased me under our tiny house on wheels
that Mom calls the Car. I was so scared that
I kept growling back even after Mom was
holding me and cooing to me in our warm
safe house. She was unset with herself and
now I don't go out after the dark comes.
I don't go to Auntie Aine's with Mom any
mores. Mom says it's because I peed on
the bed and on Auntie Aine's chair, but
she just doesn't understand. How can I let
Auntie Aine's dog Kiri know what's mine!
I don't really care, it did upset my fur and
self to go in the Car and get used to a new
place even though I thought I settled in
pretty quick after I peed and got the rules
set for Kiri. Well, Mom says that I have to
get down now, but we'll be blogging more
for now on. Good news for me!

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