I can't believe it! Mom's letting me blog!
I'm still in my room most of the time that I am in the house, but I do get to go outside alot. I am so special to come in. The porch kitties are so jealous.
Mom says that I am a much better kitty since she got a new thing which plugs into the little holes in the wall.
I just want to love on her more. And I don't growl and hiss as much when I'm scared. I'm not so nervous that I need to pee outside of my potty either which Mom says makes her happy. The thing is called Cat Fair a moans, what ever that is, although I haven't heard it moan.
Here's a picture Mom got for me and That's It!

I sure surprised Mom the other evening when she called me from outside. She was late and it had got dark out so I climbed on the roof. Just to be safe you know, from the scary things.
She called and called.
I cried, but it took her a while to look UP,
and there I was.
She got a little step and reached for me, but I was afraid to stretch out to her so after she went back inside, I came down my usual way and she let me in. I sure fooled her!
Well, I gotta go, she went into the food room and I don't want to miss anything. Bye.

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