How do you like my new background?
My old one didn't work anymore so I got a new one.
Mom says that it's too old for me, but it's not-it's new.
She used a word called so-fist-akated
wherever that means, but she says that I can keep
it for now.
Let me know what you think.


  1. Hi Rex! Mama just finished a long battle with cancer, and now that she has time again, she'll keep up my blog more often. It's good to meet you! We are from Madison, down on the Ohio. It's a beautiful little historic town.

  2. Welcome back Rexy! We missed your cute face. So glad you love to sit in your garden and smell the green grass and look at all the pretty flower. I love to garden walk also :) Someday your mommy may enjoy to visit our Ferndale town and go garden-walking, too. Meanwhile, enjoy your day. Love ya, Ana & Andy Harshaw


Mommy says that I should have comments:
But I don't want to be graded. Are
comments like grades, good or bad?