Mom and I made these cards together and I got to choose who to send them to. I wasn't happy to send them to Her dog friends. She said they were also pet friends. I am getting okay a long with Dexter dog. But every now and then when he startles me I need to slap him. I don't always use the sharp points on my paws, but he gets the message.

I put most of this one together by myself,
but Mom had to do the green furry stuff.
I got glue all over my paws.

This one is dumb.

I like this one with the glittery things in the way up high.
Mom calls this starry night. So I got to put on the big star and the funny looking ugly bird.

There was an ugly bird like the one up with me on the other round thing at the bottom. I played with it and it came off. I don't remember eating it.

This one is my bestest of best because I am wearing my Halloween costume for this year.
Aren't I spooky!!!

This was my costume for last year.
I was so hewmilliated.
I look like a girl.
Mom says no, Mau-de-gr-awe
costumes are like this even for boys

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