I got to go out on the back porch today for a little while. It was fun and a little scary. I yearn to go out more, especially when the bright light in the sky warms me, but mom is so careful about me going out that I think that she is too careful. Blackie was on the porch. He lives in the garage with the other cats.Only Sweetie and I live in the house. Sometimes Lucy gets to come in, but not Pugsy. I heard that he and Blackie do bad things on the rug so they can't come in. At first I thought that it was my fault that they can't come in because when I did bad things on the rug, mom got a funny light that showed up many bad spots which Pugsy and Blackie had put there long before I came along. Mom's cleaned everything up pretty well, but she says 'boys will be boys'. So I'm the only boy allowed in the house. Sometimes I envy the boys their garage life. It seems so exciting! They have clean beds and food bowls and potty boxes AND they get to go outside anytime they want!

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  1. REXY Your too funny,., 'Our Front Porch' invites you to meet our neighborhood black cat for a sweet fur friend. He visits on clear spring days and always is grateful for water and few morsels.Like you Rexy, he loves to snooze in the sunshine. He lives outdoors....rain or shine.....hum, wonder where he goes??? Oh, well your the lucky one Rexy don't despair, your safe & sound with mommy. Sound, oh no! what was that??? Stay put I'll go see...MEOW! why it's blackie coming to visit you and me....Have a sunshiney day while you sleep and play.....purr, purr. shh....ana


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