TO AUNTIE AINE'S with side trips

We went for an outting today. First, we stopped at Auntie Stacey's. Mom held me close to her, so I was very quiet and didn't growl and neither did Bandit or Isabel who live with Auntie Stacey. I understand that Isabel the grown house cat doesn't even like Bandit the kitten. We were all very mannerly and well behaved. I'm just glad that mom didn't put me down. It may not have gone so well. Then we went on to Auntie Aine's and stayed a few days. Kiri and I ran through the house chasing each other with much glee. What fun! I have my own room there where mom sleeps with me. I also have my own potty, which is a comfort. Mom also brings my pretty blue scratching post with us so I don't get yelled at for stretching my toes at the wrong places. We left all too soon.

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