Mom says that we are going for a walk.
I don't know what that means. I know what going to Auntie Aine's means. I love Auntie Aine's. I have my own room there with my food and potty box and my own bed where mom sleeps with me. And I love to play with Kiri, Auntie Aine's Poodle who is just my size. We run around and chase and have so much fun. I love my brothers and sisters, but Kiri is my bestest friend. I go to get the mail with mom and Dawn weighs me on the letter scale and then mom and Dawn get all excited because I am bigger. Sometimes I go shopping with mom, but not too often. Sometimes I go to Kyle and Ryan's house, but I don't like it there. It smells dangerous, like a mean cat. And that gets me all upset and I hiss. I don't like to hiss. It makes me feel bad and mean inside.

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