When she first went away, I was okay, because she always came back after 1 or 2 sleeps, but this was different and I got scared! Another lady came to take care of us. I liked her, but she's not my mom. Aunty Stacey came by and I got a lot of pets and love, but then I got mad and growled at her, YourNotMyMom! I cried alot, but mom didn't hear me.
I got mad and hated Sweetie and chased her and teased her and bited her. I didn't care. I was miserable. Then I just sorta forgot and thought that I was always mean and miserable. I was good with mom's things. I didn't clear anymore table tops. I didn't chew on the plants. Not the feeling alive ones or the one that feels not alive but looks pretty. Still mom didn't come back. I kept promising myself that if I was good, mom would come back. Then when she didn't, I'd chase Sweetie until she learned to hide under the bed or way up high on the upper bed were I can't get to her.

Then after forever! someone was making door noises to come in-and-there was mom! I jumped up and love her and love her and she picked me up and petted and kissed me and loved on me so much. We loved on each other for so long. I purred and purred. I hadn't purred in so long and it felt so good deep inside me. I guess that my purrs belong to mom. I am so happy that she's home. Now she's turning into my mom again and scolds me for racing around the house and for tormenting Sweetie and she even smacked me for biting her. I am so glad that she's back and still loves me and makes me feel my purrs.

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