The front way to our house feels all clean on my paw pads and looks so pretty now that Mom has swept, washed and fancied everything. She has also brought a swirly green thing from the backyard to sit up front in the lavender. Mom says it's a garden snail and that it's name is Spring. She says that Spring has real life and has a real job watching over and reporting on the living things in the garden in her own blog. That made me feel sad. I don't want anything but me and Mom to have blogs because we share special. I wanted to pee on Spring, but Mom stopped me and then Mom brought me nose to nose with Spring and I did feel her life shivering inside that metal! Mom then explained that Spring has a job while my blog was for me only. I felt better.

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  1. Love Rexy's whymsical stories...He so sweet & loving. The fact that he's your special boys means alot to this precious baby. He's so spoiled & loved by you it's so wonderful to know how much you care. We had two precious ones and they are with God now waiting for us:) Rexy's adventures keep me smiling.
    Thanks for sharing....cuddles & kisses we love ya! Rext boy. Ana & Andy


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