Mom has watched me being very upsetting.
I jump at noises I used to be curious about.
I don't trust the house kitties coming down
the hall anymores until they are close
enough to smell like kitties. So Mom talked
at me about Paula.
I didn't understand everything. Mom's talk
hurts my thinking parts sometimes and
sometimes I get distracted and just want to
play, but I tried real hard with the Paula.
Once upon a time, long, long ago, before I
came to be there was Paula. And Paula
sometimes would come into the house
because Mom let the kitties come and go
outside when they wanted to. But then one
night when Mom was in bed and her eyes
were shut and it was black out, she heard
something eating at the kitty dish and she
knew that it wasn't a kitty. She woke up and
quickly turned on the light and there was
Paula. Now she wasn't named Paula then.
She was just Possum. So Mom turned off
the light and closed her eyes again. Possum
didn't come in to eat every day, just in the
very cold outside times. They kitties didn't
bother Possum and Possum didn't bother
the kitties. Then one day Possum woke up
Mom again and again the light went on &
there was Possum with 3 babies. It was then
that Possum became Paula. Mom made a
home for Paula and the babies in the 'kitty
take by the handle to the car box'. That way
Mom could take Paula and the babies out to
the garage. But something bad happened and
the babies died. Paula left them out for Mom
to find and fix, but Mom couldn't fix them &
Paula went away. It was after that that some
of the kitties did bad things on the carpet to
let Paula know that This Was Their House
that Mom divided the kitties into inside and
outside kitties and Paula couldn't come in
any more. Mom tells me not to worry that
Nothing can come in any more, but now I
know that not everything out there loves me.

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  1. Interesting story about Paula! We don't think our Mommy would have been so calm about possums coming in the house. MOL Hope you'll be able to calm down soon, Rexy, from your introoder scare and get back to your happy playful self. Extra purrs to you for that.

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew


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