Something dangerous came into our
garage where the out door kitties live.
They have their own little kitty sized
flappy door they use. I learned to use
it too. It was hard to learn. Putting my
head down and pushing, but I did it!
But something with a scary smell,
something dangerous came into our
garage today. It wasn't laying on the
little beds Mom made for the kitties.
It didn't use the potty boxes Mom has
for the kitties, but the water dish had
earthy black in it and the food dish was
empty and very dirty. Something scary
that didn't smell like kitty had been there.
I didn't stay. I ran like the wind back into
my house and hoped that Mom wouldn't
stay either and shut the door real quick.
But she wasn't scared like me. She took
the dishes in the kitchen and washed
them. I stayed under the table for awhile
and shivered.


  1. Oh, that sounds scary, Rexy. We hope it was nothing very bad and that the outdoor kitties are okay. You be careful going out there next time!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  2. What was it, what was it? A dog? A skunk? A monster?


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