We have this hugest cat visitor sometimes
sleeping on the warm backest porch. I
never talked with him, but yesterday Mom
was sweet talking him with her hand out
trying for a pet, but he wouldn't let her &
lowly growled and jumped high and more
upper high to get away from her and then
on the ground in the side way back near
the fence. I saw my chance and raced over
past Mom and right up to him as Mom was
yelling "No Rexy, No Rexy!!!".
I met him nose to nose and said
"Hi, my name's Rexy. What's yours?"
He said "Bruno, but my mama calls me
Kitty Baby." After sniffing noses I ran back
saying "See Ya!". Mom looked so shocked!
I was proud of me! Our Blackie cat was
behind Mom lowly growling, but Mom told
him to be quiet since he didn't have any
teeth that big cat would cream him. Living
in the country here, I thought that cream
came from the big animals next door. Oh,
I get it. Cream. Big animals, like Bruno.
Mom's so cleaver, but she fusses over me
too much. And I love it!!!

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  1. That was very brave of you, Rexy! You have to be careful with cat visitors that you don't really know, not all of them are as friendly as you are. We're glad you didn't get hurt.

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew


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